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Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋. Serve veg momos hot with momos chutney or red chilli-garlic chutney, spicy schezwan sauce or tomato sauce. They also go best with a Veg momos or dim sum are steamed dumplings stuffed with a lightly spiced vegetable filling. A popular tibetan recipe and also a popular North Indian street food.

Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋 Veg momos recipe, a street food, chinese style steamed vegetable filling dumplings. Recipe of momos made in cooker easily. Veg momos recipe, a popular street food, is a steamed dumpling with a delicious vegetable filling served with a spicy red chutney or sauce.

Yes, this is a simple recipe just later than the other ones. I think the hardest allocation is to locate the best ingredients hence you can enjoy the tasty Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋 for your dinner with your connections or family. You can have Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋 using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋

  1. You need of Whole wheat flour.
  2. You need of Water.
  3. You need of Salt to taste,oil.

Veg Momos, a Potli Shaped Steamed Dumpling Stuffed With Sauteed Mixed Vegetables, Is A Delicious Snack Food From Tibet. Veg Momos, a steamed or fried dumpling stuffed with mixed vegetables, is a delicious snack food enjoyed in Tibet region. Veg Momos recipe, a popular snack prepared with maida and vegetables and a steamed version. This is the first time I am trying veg momos.

Spicy 🔥 veg aata momos 😋 step by step

  1. Mix the flour with oil salt and make a soft dough.
  2. Than make small balls and roll it with rollers pin than we stuff the filling of veg which we made.
  3. For stuffing all seasons veggies add salt oil and black pepper.
  4. Now steam it for 10minutes and eat it enjoy.

Tasted for first time as well. I had a wish to try this ever since my SIL posted this. Learn how to make Steamed Veg Momos or Dim Sum and Spicy Chili Chutney Recipe with step-by-step video instructions. Veg momos recipe is a Tibetan Today I am sharing a very raw (basic) veggie version of these This is Steamed Veg Momos With Spicy Chili Chutney Veg Momos Recipe with step by step photos - This is the popular street food in India which is Today I am sharing the Veg momos recipe.

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